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myXML is a PHP implementation of the W3C's DOM, XPath, and XSLT recommendations that does not require additional libraries. The author did not put to itself the purpose to implement the specified recommendations in full. The library was developed under the concrete project and only for division of a program code from design. Therefore those functions which have been implemented only were required in work above the project. At present in DOM API methods of classes CharacterData and Text, and also some methods of classes Document and Element are not implemented. In the XPath processor axes of navigation "following" and "preceding" and also majority XPath of functions (are implemented only position(), last() and name()) are not implemented. In the XSLT processor it is implemented minimally necessary, at a sight of the author, set of XSL elements. The author recognized that XSLT it is language of a marking, instead of the programming language.
Despite of the limited functionality of library, at the decision of similar problems to you can appear it enough. myXML allows you to take advantage of XML/XSLT technologies even if your provider does not support it. The DOM API features standard names for methods and properties and should be compatible with future releases of PHP. The library allows the execution of PHP code on the fly, and inserts result into a DOM tree or attribute value.
Support of library is planned until at providers to appear PHP5. Probably, other parts of library will be finished.

On all of questions write on myXML forum