Configuring Saika

Basic Configuration

$_config['URL'] Full URL of your site. MUST end with a trailing slash ( / ) Ex.

$_config['CHARSET'] Set the internal character set

$_config['TIMEZONE'] Set the server timezone. Set it to FALSE to use default server timezone.

Database Configuration

$_config['DB_TYPE'] Database Type, currently mysql or sqlite is currently supported.

$_config['DB_HOST'] Database Host, usally localhost/

$_config['DB_NAME'] Database name. ( Exception: For SQLite database, it should be absolute path to the database file )

$_config['DB_USER'] Database username.

$_config['DB_PASS'] Database user password.

$_config['DB_PORT'] Database server port. Usually 3306. Better check it from phpinfo()

$_config['DB_CHARSET'] Database Character set, utf8 is highly recommended!

$_config['DEFAULT_CONTROLLER'] Name of the default controller

$_config['DEFAULT_ACTION'] Name of the default action.

$_config['ERROR_CONTROLLER'] Name of the error controller

$_config['TRANSLATE_HYPHENS'] Translate hyphens in URL action names to underscore. ( true is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED )

Configuration for Cookies

$_config['COOKIE_PATH'] is the path the cookie is valid on, usually "/" to make it valid on the whole domain.

$_config['COOKIE_DOMAIN'] The domain where the cookie is valid for. Usually this does not work with "localhost", ".localhost", "", or ".". If so, leave it as empty string, false or null. When using real domains MAKE SURE you have a dot (.) in front of the domain, like "".

$_config['COOKIE_SECURE'] If the cookie will be transferred through secured connection(SSL). It's highly recommended to set it to true if you have SSL.

$_config['COOKIE_HTTPONLY'] If set to true, Cookies can't be accessed by JS - Highly recommended!

$_config['COOKIE_LIFETIME'] Default lifetime of cookie, 7 days is default

$_config['SESSION_LIFETIME'] How long should a session cookie be valid by seconds, 0 = till the browser is closed.

$_config['SESSION_SAVE_PATH'] Specify where the sessions will be saved ( set false to use default )

Currently only supports helpers. All other classes, models and libraries are autoloaded via Composer. See . If you don't about helpers yet, don't worry we will discuss about it later on this docs.

$_config['AUTOLOAD_HELPERS'] Name of Helper files without extension (.php) as array. Ex. ['DemoHelper', 'UrlHelpers'] . Helpers are located in app/helpers/

Encryption Keys

$_config['ENCRYPTION_KEY'] and $_config['HMAC_SALT'] will be used by the Encryption class to entrypt and decrypt.

Configuration for Captcha Class

$_config['CAPTCHA_FONT'] Path to the captcha font

$_config['CAPTCHA_WIDTH'] Width of the captcha image

$_config['CAPTCHA_HEIGHT'] Height of the captcha image

$_config['CAPTCHA_FONT_SIZE'] Captcha font size. Adjust based on height and width.

$_config['CAPTCHA_LENGTH'] The captcha length.

$_config['CAPTCHA_CASE_SENSITIVE'] Whether the captcha is case sensitive or not

Misc. Configuration

$_config['CACHE_DIR'] Specify the cache location. Must end with a trailing slash. Will be used by the FileCache Class

$_config['CSRF_TOKEN_LIFETIME'] The CSRF token expiration time in seconds.