v1.5 (2002/05/28)
- TrueType font (AddFont()) and encoding support.
- Added Write() method.
- Added underlined style.
- Internal and external link support (AddLink(), SetLink(), Link()).
- Added right margin management and methods SetRightMargin(), SetTopMargin().
- Modification of SetDisplayMode() to select page layout.
- The border parameter of MultiCell() now lets choose borders to draw as Cell().
- When a document contains no page, Close() now calls AddPage() instead of causing a fatal error.
v1.41 (2002/03/13)
- Fixed SetDisplayMode() which no longer worked (the PDF viewer used its default display).
v1.4 (2002/03/02)
- PHP3 is no longer supported.
- Page compression (SetCompression()).
- Choice of page format and possibility to change orientation inside document.
- Added AcceptPageBreak() method.
- Ability to print the total number of pages (AliasNbPages()).
- Choice of cell borders to draw.
- New mode for Cell(): the current position can now move under the cell.
- Ability to include an image by specifying height only (width is calculated automatically).
- Fixed a bug: when a justified line triggered a page break, the footer inherited the corresponding word spacing.
v1.31 (2002/01/12)
- Fixed a bug in drawing frame with MultiCell(): the last line always started from the left margin.
- Removed Expires HTTP header (gives trouble in some situations).
- Added Content-disposition HTTP header (seems to help in some situations).
v1.3 (2001/12/03)
- Line break and text justification support (MultiCell()).
- Color support (SetDrawColor(), SetFillColor(), SetTextColor()). Possibility to draw filled rectangles and paint cell background.
- A cell whose width is declared null extends up to the right margin of the page.
- Line width is now retained from page to page and defaults to 0.2 mm.
- Added SetXY() method.
- Fixed a passing by reference done in a deprecated manner for PHP4.
v1.2 (2001/11/11)
- Added font metric files and GetStringWidth() method.
- Centering and right-aligning text in cells.
- Display mode control (SetDisplayMode()).
- Added methods to set document properties (SetAuthor(), SetCreator(), SetKeywords(), SetSubject(), SetTitle()).
- Possibility to force PDF download by browser.
- Added SetX() and GetX() methods.
- During automatic page break, current abscissa is now retained.
v1.11 (2001/10/20)
- PNG support doesn't require PHP4/Zlib any more. Data are now put directly into PDF without any decompression/recompression stage.
- Image insertion works correctly even with magic_quotes_runtime option set to on.
v1.1 (2001/10/07)
- JPEG and PNG image support.
v1.01 (2001/10/03)
- Fixed a bug involving page break: in case when Header() doesn't specify a font, the one from previous page was not restored and produced an incorrect document.
v1.0 (2001/09/17)
- First version.