Queue Class

By Matthew McConnell (maca134@hotmail.com)

This class is designed to place users into a queue, so that only one user can execute some code at a time.

Eg. If you want a certain MySQL query to be executed at a time.


Var List

str $queue_table

This is the MySQL table were the queue is stored. (Default: "queue")

int $timeout

The timeout on the queue, this is how long (in seconds) a user can be in the queue without calling the updateTime() function (Default: 2)

str $user

User id for the queue (This is automaticly generated or can be set)

int $qid

The queue id

float $qTime

Time (in seconds [5 D.P]) the user has been in the queue. Set after waitInLine() function is called


Function List

void Queue(int $qid)

Initial function, sets the queue id.

void setQueueTable(str $queue_table) [Optional] Defailt: queue

Set the queue MySQL table

void setTimeout(int $timeout) [Optional] Default: 2

Sets the queue time-out

void getInQueue()

Puts the user into the queue

void getOutOfQueue()

Removes the user from the queue

str getFirstInLine()

Returns the first person in the queue

void cleanQueue()

Removes users from the queue which have timed-out

void updateTime()

Updates the users queue time

float queueTime()

Returns the queue time

bool isInQueue()

Returns true if the user is in the queue.

bool waitInLine()

This is were you 'wait in the line', this functions loops until either the user is at the top of the queue or has been remove (due to time-out) from the queue.
Returns true when everthing is ok (reached the top of the line) and false is the user has been kick out.