Example of parameter frm

this TBS template is W3C compliant Valid XHTML 1.1

The frm parameter enables you to display a date-time value or numeric value using a format string.

Date formats

Using the current date time

Format Display
yyyy-mm-dd [onshow..now;frm='yyyy-mm-dd']
dd/mm/yyyy [onshow..now;frm='dd/mm/yyyy']
hh:nn:ss [onshow..now;frm='hh:nn:ss']
dddd dd mmmm [onshow..now;frm='dddd dd mmmm']
ddd dd mmm [onshow..now;frm='ddd dd mmm']
mm-dd-yyyy hh:nn [onshow..now;frm='mm-dd-yyyy hh:nn']

Numeric formats

Using the Php variable $amount = 1023.2568

Format Display
$ 0,000.00 [onshow.amount;frm='$ 0,000.00']
$ 0,000. (1) [onshow.amount;frm='$ 0,000.']
(1) The dot (.) at the bottom means there is no decimal.

Using the Php variable $rate = 0.751897

0.000 % [onshow.rate;frm='0.000 %']

Conditional formats

Using the Php variable $amount2 = -255.4893

Format Display
+0,000.00|-0,000.00|0|- [onshow.amount2;frm='+0,000.00|-0,000.00|0|-']

Reusable formats

Formats curr1 and rate1 are defined using parameter 'tplfrms'. [onload;tplfrms;curr1='$ 0,000.00';rate1='0.000 %']

Format Display
curr1=$ 0,000.00
rate1=0.000 %