ACE :: Asynchronous Client Engine

© Andrea Giammarchi

" ... the semplicity and the power of PHP in a simple, fast, secure and really lightweight JavaScript Ajax library ... "   (me, today)


ACE is an AJSHP Project soon but has solved all problems that AJSHP has. ACE is not AJSHP 2 because server and clients are very differents. ACE is just born but has a lot of experience, thanks to old father that tells ACE how to be better, more secure and why not, more simple too. Sure, ACE is ajax based, and probably is Just Another Boring Asynchronous Library or toolkit ... but are you really sure ?
Please read more and see that ACE is not JABAL and is not a bluff, ACE is just the great card to play some hands with the server !

ACE Goals !



Frequently ACE Questions