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Rar for PHP   Introduction | Installation | Configuration | Configuration functions | Compression functions | Examples
Rar for PHP is a simple script to compress files and folders in RAR format.
RarLabs, propietary of RAR algorithm prohibit the compression in RAR format, except his own programs. Rar for PHP donīt implement RAR compression algortithm, comply with RAR license.
Rar for PHP is an interface to the program rar.exe, whose propietary is RarLabs. To compress files in RAR format, you need this program. It is into the installation path of WinRAR.
I donīt try this program on Linux, but if the parameters of the command line rar compress in Linux are the same of windows, it can be run nice.
To install Rar for PHP you only need copy the file rar.php to your php scripts execution directory. Then you should edit it to change some values.
The configuration options of Rar for PHP are the next:
Configuration functions:
With this functions you can configure the compression parameters to each file you create:
Compression functions:
This functions are used to compress files and folders:
José Manuel Busto