Qexec PHP class - v1.0

Waht the class does - Main features

Functions in the class


function exec_query($query, $assoc = 1)

@param string $query the SELECT query to execute
@param bool $assoc want the result to be assoc?
@return mixed the results, in a multi-array

Builds and returns the multiple array of results.
Found on http://it2.php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-query.php and modified to match the class


function get_result($query)

@return mixed the results, in a multi-array

Actually executes the query and return the result


function parse_mysql_query($query)

@param string $query the SELECT query to execute
@return string the query, again, escaped

Parses the query and connects to the db

Examples of use

The following code will returns affected_rows for anything other than select's. If you don't want any field name keys then specify 0 as the second parameter.


$q = new Qexec();
$res = $q->exec_query('SELECT foo,bar FROM table');

echo $res[0]['foo']; // First row of the field 'foo'

For a single field select, returns the value


$q = new Qexec();
$count = $q->exec_query('SELECT count(*) FROM table');


No changes made since now.


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