DCHK PHP class - v1.0

What the class does - Main features

Functions in the class


function check_domain($domain, $server = $this->server, $port = $this->port, $print = 0)

@param string $domain the domain to check
@param string $server the server used for the checking
@param int $port the port needed to reach the server
@param bool $print set to 1 if you want the outputs printed
@return bool returns true if the domain is available, false otherwise

Checks the domain avaiability and, if set, prints the result.

Examples of use

Example #1

The following code will check for the domain name example.com and, if available, will return the link to the registration through 1and1.com You can change the server used to check domains availability and the site from where buy the domain name by specifing them in the method call.


$free = new DCHK();
// domain available
// Domain already registered!

Example #2

Form to check domain names

if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {
$domain = $_POST['domain'];
$ext = $_POST['extension'];
$full_name = $domain . '.' . $ext;


$free = new DCHK();
if($free->check_domain("example.com, , , 1")) // Prints the register link also
} else {

Check for a domain name:


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