M-V data flow. User`s events are handled in Controller class. C assigns variables telling V what user wants (orders by user in URL) and includes V (not showed in picture). V pulls data from M according C variables (orders by user in URL). V also may call C method for some state changes ordered by user in URL ee table row updates like approve user comment. V script may contain class but I do not see need for view classes.

M-V data flow is ok for views (view instantiates model and pulls data from M). If we have user`s interactions (events) eg filter displayed rows (pagination is sort of filtering), than M-V data flow is only possible solution. /zinc/img/

M-C-V data flow - controller instantiates M and pushes M data to V. I do not see advantages compared to M-V data flow. Disadvantage are : for pagination M-V data flow is only possible solution, C is fat in large modules (lot of code). C in my msg (blog) module has lot of code, but code is very simple.









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