exportDb class

(c) 2008 by Zakir Hyder
Mail me at zak_hyder@hotmail.com

This is the readme file which should accompany the exportDb class (exportDb.php). Redistribute the file if you like, but this readme must always accompany it. You are free to use exportDb in any way you see fit and you can modify it if you want, but it stays copyrighted to me.

exportDb is a simple PHP class to export MySQL database data. It will backup every database into one file. File name will be like this 2008-17-06-10.13pm.sql. You have to send the host, username and password. exportDb is meant to MySQL databases only. Change the folder's chmod 777(chmod 777 test. here test is the folder where exportDb class resides.).

Here's a simple example of how to use exportDb:

$e = new exportDb("localhost:3306", "username", "password");

Thats it. I added a little code in example.php so that the DB backup file will be uploadd to another server.

I hope you find this class useful. Any comments, questions and bugs ? Send it all to zak_hyder@hotmail.com.