class genpo

Introduction and Scope

This class will generate a new class base on a database table.

The new class will be easy to add and update the record of that table.


private $tablename;

This name of the table we want to generate new class.

private $fields;

This array of the fields’ names of the table...


public function genpo();

     Generate new class code in string.

How to use

1)      Input table name and fields’ name array to initialize the genpo class.

2)      Call the function genpo to generate the new classs.



$link=mysql_connect($dbserver,$dbuser, $dbpass);


//Get the array of the fileds’ names of the table.

$fields  =  mysql_list_fields (  $dbname ,  $tablename ,  $link );

$columns  =  mysql_num_fields ( $fields );

$fieldnames = array();

for ( $i  =  0 ;  $i  <  $columns ;  $i ++) {

     $fieldnames[]=  mysql_field_name ( $fields ,  $i )   ;



$g = new genpo($tablename,$fieldnames);

echo "<textarea rows=100 cols=100>";

echo $g->genpo() ;

echo "</textarea>";


Base function of the new class

1)      Set every filed

2)      Get every filed

3)      public function db_save();

If the class entiry object is exist db_save will cause update otherwise it will insert a new record.

4)      You can check the class class.compinfo.php and the example.UseNewClass.php which use the class.compinfo.php to know more .

How to use the new class

1)      include the need php pages

2)      initialize how to connect the database

3)      Use the class to oprate the table which we create the class.



include "ado/";

include "ado/class.ConnDb.php";

include "class.compinfo.php"; //this is the class witch is generated by us.

//initialize all parameter


$link=mysql_connect($dbserver,$dbuser, $dbpass);




#The location and credentials for the slave database

#server used by this server

$dbSlaveCredentials['server'] = $dbserver;

$dbSlaveCredentials['user'] = $dbuser;

$dbSlaveCredentials['password'] = $dbpass;

#The location and credentials for the master database

#server (usually on localhost) used by this server

$dbMasterCredentials['server'] = $dbserver;

$dbMasterCredentials['user'] = $dbuser;

$dbMasterCredentials['password'] = $dbpass;

$applicationDb = new ConnDb($dbname); //this global value will be used by generated class.


//use the class to oprater table compinfo.

$cinfoin= new compinfo();

$cinfoin->set_compname("a comp name");

$cinfoin->set_mylink("a comp link");




echo "id=".$id;

$cinfoout = new compinfo($id);

echo "<br>";

echo $cinfoout->get_compname()."<br>";

echo $cinfoout->get_mylink()."<br>";