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Code separation

DAO tier is Data Access Object abstract interface. In B12phpfw code skeleton Model and DAO tiers are in :

  1. view scripts are Model (Bussiness) tier - they call Tbl_crud method like in Oracle Forms.
    View scripts do not know how DAO makes CRUD !
  2. Tbl_crud.php (code not visible in in Oracle Forms)  is Model (Bussiness) tier and partially DAO tier - knows what module does
  3. Db_allsites.php (code not visible in in Oracle Forms) is DAO tier - does not know what module does

In B12phpfw code skeleton i use M_V data flow for read, but it is easy (but in my opinion not appropriate) to use M_C_V data flow for read - in Home_ctr.php we examine user entered URL (request) and call method which can read data (or do any CRUD operation - procedure on data).


Selfknowing, moderate, no delusion (false opinion)

Ancient Greek maxim (aphorism) "know thyself" (Greek: ????? ???????, latin "nosce te ipsum") is one of the Delphic maxims and was the first of three maxims inscribed in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek writer Pausanias.

The two maxims that followed are :

  1. "know thyself" were
  2. "nothing to excess (overmuch) - be moderate" and
  3. "surety (security) brings ruin" - Diogenes Laertius in his Life of Pyrrho saw in it an expression of Greek philosophical skepticism, in other words, "Beware of committing yourself to false opinion" or "Beware false certainty (blunder, deceit, delusion)." Delphic oracle named Socrates the wisest of men. Socrates insisted that if he was wise, it was only because he recognized his own ignorance. In the Platonic dialogues, Socrates continually sought to expose the perils (odgovornost, opasnost, propast, rizik, zagroziti) of false opinion, seeing it as one of the fundamental problems of human nature and society.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_thyself    https://www.john-uebersax.com/delphi/delphi.htm    https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Delphic_maxims    https://www.mimamsadiary.com/the-great-wisdom-from-ancient-greece/


Script opening methods

 <a target="_blank" href="../../vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg    <img src="../../vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg" 
 a         alt="/vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg" >

In code above href="/vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg" does work in PHP and in HTML called with URL eg
, but href="/vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg" does not work in double clicked HTML meaning browser does not know where is web server document root !

href="../../vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg works for both script opening methods if we do not change folder structure - which we do not - no need. href="/vendor/b12phpfw/img/meatmirror.jpg" is alike sensitive to folder structure.

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