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Class Description Example
.formee General attributes for FORM
<form class="formee"> </form>
.grid-$-12 How many ($) of 12 equal columns the container fills
<div class="grid-12-12">. . .</div>
.formee-req Attributes to customize REQUIRED asterisk
<em class="formee-req">*</em>
.formee-list Attributes to customize LIST of INPUT RADIO or CHECKBOX
<ul class="formee-list">   <li>    <input name="" type="radio" />    <label for="">Opt. 01</label>   </li>   <li>    <input name="" type="radio" />    <label for="">Opt. 02</label>   </li></ul>
<ul class="formee-list">   <li>    <input name="" type="checkbox" />    <label for="">Opt. 01</label>   </li>   <li>    <input name="" type="checkbox" />    <label for="">Opt. 02</label>   </li></ul>
.formee-button Attributes to customize an INPUT BUTTON
<input class="formee-button" type="submit" value="send" />
.clear Specify which column where other floating elements are not allowed
<div class="grid-3-12 clear">   <input type="text" value="Fill up the field" /></div>
.right Attributes for float elements to the right
<input class="formee-button right" type="submit" value="send" />
.left Attributes for float elements to the left
<input class="formee-button left" type="submit" value="send" />
.formee-equal Attributes for equal height elements (fixing float bugs)
<div class="grid-3-12 formee-equal">   <input type="text" value="Fill up the field" /></div>
.formee-small Define the width of form elements as SMALL
<input type="text" class="formee-small" value="Fill up the field" />
.formee-medium Define the width of form elements as MEDIUM
<input type="text" class="formee-medium" value="Fill up the field" />
Message box
.formee-msg-info Custom message for information
<div class="formee-msg-info"><h3>Information Message</h3></div>
.formee-msg-warning Custom message for warning
<div class="formee-msg-warning"><h3>Warning Message</h3></div>
.formee-msg-error Custom message for error
<div class="formee-msg-error"><h3>Error Message</h3></div>
.formee-msg-success Custom message for success
<div class="formee-msg-success"><h3>Success Message</h3></div>