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Wave is a PHP micro-framework that is built loosely following model-view-control architecture and factory method design pattern. It is made for web services, websites and info-systems and is built to support a native API (Application Programming Interface) architecture, caching and smart resource management. Wave is a compact framework that does not include bloated libraries and features and is developed keeping lightweight speed and optimizations in mind.

While not necessary for using Wave Framework, it comes by default with a URL and View controllers intended for building websites by solving URL requests and loading views.

Wave Framework has repositories in SourceForge, GitHub, Google Code and BitBucket. If you wish to participate in Wave Framework development and submit patches, fixes and new features, then it is recommended to do so through GitHub.

Official website of Wave Framework is available here.


This section gives general overview about set-up and installation of Wave Framework as well as overview of all the files included in default Wave Framework package.


This section has tutorials for Wave Framework. Working examples of these tutorials are in /doc/examples/ subfolders.

Feature Guides

This section covers feature guides and is meant to be a supplement to Tutorials. This covers all the features of Wave Framework and gives detailed overview of functionality when building Wave Framework MVC classes and functionality, especially when creating websites.

API Documentation

This covers all the functionality of using Wave Framework API, both internally or when connecting to the API from other systems either by making the requests yourself or using the API Wrapper classes.

Class and Engine Documentation

This section gives overview of all classes that are used by Wave Framework as well as framework specific handlers and the engine. Note that this is technical overview of the classes and not necessarily about how to use these classes in Wave Framework. This section can be ignored if you don't intend to develop the functionality of Wave Framework itself.


This section covers reference documentation that can assist during development, but is mostly for providing additional information about Wave Framework components.

Your API Documentation

Wave Framework supports automatically generated API documentation that is specific to your system. API documentation is generated from your controllers methods and comments and is based on API profiles and access rights. By default, this automatically generated API documentation is available only after authentication. To see your automatically generated API documentation, you should make a request to your /tools/api-info.php script.


Kristo Vaher


Allan Davy
Priit Perna
Jaak Kütt
Nicolas Rabier

Special Thanks

Ando David Roots


This framework is released as open source and its components (with the exception of external components) are released under GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3. The system that is built on Wave Framework may carry a different license, make sure to take a look at the file headers or ReadMe files for further information.