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myXTree is an interface to a SQL-tree. It is more about SQL-trees can learn in article SQL for Smarties and Relational Data Structures for Extensible Thesauri. This class allows to save the DOM-document in a SQL-tree and vice versa. For a choice of the data from a SQL-tree are used XPath expressions. Data reading of a SQL-tree can be carried out by two ways: by one SQL-query and recursive way.
The myXTree class use object PEAR::DB and object Document from package myDOM, which goes into package myXML (
Attached to realization of this class used a database mySQL and object PEAR::DB, but this, to regretting, does not do a class lightly bearable on other databases, because in class are used the specialized features mySQL. Because supposed, in the main, use of this class for little renewed data, then was select a tables type MyISAM (unsupported transaction).
A class does not support full features of XPath language. So far does not support an objects selection on namespace prefix; in base saved only the elements, text, CDATA and attributes; use of operator '' (union) impossible only in recursive method; the XPath functions not implemented.
With appearance in PHP5 of valuablis support OOP and built-in DOMDocument class there is a possibility to use myXTree with this class.
Note: A class primordially wrote for little renewed data and in such applications as forum not tested. Attached to addition of data in tree uses a tables locking and as this to reverberate at work in multiuser routine I do not know.

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