Xyndravandria Averazain  Alpha 0.0.0
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PageCollection Interface Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static Anchor ($Method)
static Authorise ($Method)
static Target ($Method)

Member Function Documentation

static Anchor (   $Method)

Averazain will call this method to determine the anchor of a certain method.
Returning null means that a method has no anchor.
An anchor can be seen as an alias of a certain method used either as an argument of a GET request or a JavaScript hash in order to request an invoking of that certain method.
GET request: Index.php?Anchor:Argument1,Argument2
Javascript hash: Index.php#Anchor:Argument1,Argument2
As you can see, there is also the possibility of passing arguments to the method.
If a script is executed with such an anchor, Averazain will call the associated method.
That said, anchors might be used to create hyperlinks to certain sections of your website.

$Method,:Method name to get the anchor of.
string or null
static Authorise (   $Method)

This method is called whenever Averazain receives an Ajax request from the client demanding to call a method of a PageCollection.
Returns true if a client is authorised to call the requested method, else false.

$Method,:The requested method.
static Target (   $Method)

Averazain calls this method to get the target of a method which has been called by demand of an Ajax request. The target is sent to the server within an Ajax request and later used when Averazain receives the Ajax response.
Unless you overwrite the JavaScript method XyndravandriaAverazain.OnRequestStateChange( XHR, Target, Argument ) - you are welcomed to do so -, the target is a string containing an element's id whose inner HTML will be changed.
Returning null means that a method has no target.

$Method,:Method name to get the target of.
string or null