AdminPro Class v1.3 Readme File

The source code included in this package is free. You can modify or pass it on under the conditions of the GNU general Public License, published by the Free Software Foundation.
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About AdminPro Class v1.3

AdminPro Class v1.3 is a User Authentication PHP Class, based on a MySQL database and the PHP Session functions, written for Websites, that need some password protected areas. The package includes a User Management PHP Application Script as well as a MySQL Table Setup PHP Application Script. The AdminPro Class v1.3 and the application scripts have been tested on: PHP Version 4.3.7, MySQL Server Version 4.0.20 via TCP/IP, Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 .

Files included in this package

Quick installation

1. Open the adminpro_config.php and follow the instructions to configure the main class. The following variables must be changed:

2. Upload all files, included in this package, onto your server.

3. Create the MySQL table required for the main class. There are 2 ways to do that:

4. Run the login.html to start the user management application adminuser.php.

How to use AdminPro Class v1.3

1. Use the following code on each page you would like to protect:

2. Your login must be sent by HTTP_POST and have the following structure:

3. Your logout must be also sent by HTTP_POST and have the following structure:

(c) 2004 - 2005 Giorgos Tsiledakis, Crete Greece