This page is extremely simple: a form with three inputs. It accepts either id or a book_id parameter via GET. If id is specified, it means we want to change edition with that id. If book_id is specified, it means we want to add new edition to the that book:

if (empty($_GET["id"])) {
    if (empty($_GET["book_id"])) {
        die("No book ID provided");
    $edition = new Edition();
    $edition->book_id = (int) $_GET["book_id"];
} else {
    $edition = Registry::persistenceDriver()->find((int) $_GET["id"], new Edition());
    if (!$edition) {
        die("Edition ID #" . (int) $_GET["id"] . " not found");

Form submission is handled by edition_save.php:

$edition = new Edition($_POST);
$edition->id = ((int) $edition->id) ?: null;
$edition->book_id = (int) $edition->book_id;
$edition->year = (int) $edition->year;
$edition->isbn = (string) $edition->isbn;
$edition->instance_count = (int) $edition->instance_count;