system for caching data

-(new file($PATH_FOLDER_CACHE))->{ANY_ID}($callback,$seconds_cache)
-(new session())->{ANY_ID}($callback,$seconds_cache)

Cache in static files

php <?php require 'tuadmin\cache.php'; $cache = new tuadmin\cache\file(__DIR__ .'/tmp');

Cache in session

require 'tuadmin\cache.php';
$cache = new tuadmin\cache\session(md5('var_in_session'));//alternative for name ,cache in $__SESSION[md5('var_in_session')]

Use object cache

$variable_key= '123';//for use in identifier
$var = $cache->{"id_is_$variable_key"}(function()use($variable_key){
    return array(time()." this is cached for var".$variable_key);

echo $var[0];

example for only tuadmin\cache\file and result is ever string

echo $cache->_("id_is_for_ever_string",function(){
    return time()." this is cached for var";

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